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Mindless Tasks at the Chocolate Factory

I know the Oompa Loompas had to do some weird jobs for Willy Wonka, but I’m sure they understood the logic and reasoning behind it, as whimsical and eccentric as it may have been. There is a lot going on … Continue reading

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Constrictions and Constrictive Writing

Wow. Is it already Sunday?! I’ve been meaning to post Friday’s fridge poem, but I was too busy peeling wallpaper in my guest bedroom, and playing with Mario Paint while under the influence of ponies: Man! This video quality sucks. … Continue reading

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New Beginnings and New Found Poem

Before I announce an exciting piece of personal writing news, I want to share a poem I wrote. I loved my poetry class in college. The teacher, my classmates and the workshops all had groovy vibes. My fiction class, however, … Continue reading

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We we we so Excited!

It’s been a crazy week, and today has been ridiculous! Like, for real! Joie agrees! Basically, we we we so excited that it’s FRIDAY that we have to express it the best way we know how! Friday Parody of the … Continue reading

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Today’s Theme: Catchy Tunes

I’m working on a video to audition to be the Purina Cat Chow correspondent. If that doesn’t reek of Prentice, I don’t know what does: (Traveling + Meeting People) KITTIES = Prentice’s Dream Job Anyways, they say that a video … Continue reading

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The Fridge Intruder Song

Whew! What a week. This was a rough and tiring one, filled with drama, empty promises, somebody getting fired, more drama, an obscene amount of busy work and a rofl or two. I was so exhausted when I got home … Continue reading

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Please and Thank You

It’s always nice to be asked to do something, rather than be told. Today, I was asked to write a blog article. That’s right. I was asked, with a “please” and a “if you can” and a “if you can’t, … Continue reading

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Bah Humbug! We’re Doing Hanukkah This Week!

So, it only took a day or so for work to kill my Christmas buzz. Today was crazy and stupid, and it left me feeling a severe case of the Bah Humbugs. I didn’t go to business school, but I … Continue reading

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Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Today has been a mind-numbing day. It hasn’t been bad, but it just won’t end, and my eyes are all dry from this recycled office air. Nonetheless, I’m getting excited about the holidays. This is the best time of year … Continue reading

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Happy Clean-Out Your Fridge Day!

In celebration of the momentous holiday…the trashiest fridge song I can find in my archives (Ke$ha was the best(?) thing I could come-up with. Lol). Fridge-Frock To Tic-Tok by Ke$ha Leavin’ every Friday, wavin’ to P-Diddles, You grab yo stuff, … Continue reading

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