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Pirates of the Career-ibbean: Why Freelancing is Like Being a Pirate

Ahoy, me Hearties! Pirate Prentice here.  Last Friday was Talk Like a Pirate Day, and the fact that I did not finish this article in time for the occasion made my heart walk the plank. But, I’d be a son … Continue reading

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Someday…I can be sick…

Yesterday I had some kind of head cold plague. I couldn’t breathe, felt prickly and was super irritable. I needed to go home and sleep, but I don’t call-in sick. I vowed weeks ago (in the linked blog post), after … Continue reading

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What’s your sign? Well, I’m a horny fish!

Hi, All. Before I delve into this week’s fridge poem, I have to discuss the recent news about astrological signs changing. I know. I know. Since we adopted the seasonal, Westernized zodiac (rather then the Eastern one that is based … Continue reading

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Competitive Overdrive

Psyche!! Have you just been Rickrolled?! No. Even worse… You just got served by the Prentice. But I DO love kitties! I have asked nicely for nearly three weeks for anybody and everybody to help me win a luxuirous day … Continue reading

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Happy Clean-Out Your Fridge Day!

In celebration of the momentous holiday…the trashiest fridge song I can find in my archives (Ke$ha was the best(?) thing I could come-up with. Lol). Fridge-Frock To Tic-Tok by Ke$ha Leavin’ every Friday, wavin’ to P-Diddles, You grab yo stuff, … Continue reading

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Bloggin’ at the Bottom of the Food Chain

My fridge memos were a hit from the first week I graced the boring office world with their presence. If my fridge poems were #1 jams, I would be like Lady Gaga or something, crazy and crazy famous. Alas, the … Continue reading

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Losing and Limericks

Have you ever been at a point in your life when losing just seems to be the norm? Wouldn’t it just be nice to win one? It doesn’t matter what, but I just want a tiny sample of success, so … Continue reading

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The Missing Link and Climbing Rhymes

Hello, All! I first want to present to you the link to my old Live journal, Reception Perception, where I used to document all the awful things that would happen to me at work. Feel free to thumb through my … Continue reading

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