Today’s Theme: Catchy Tunes

I’m working on a video to audition to be the Purina Cat Chow correspondent. If that doesn’t reek of Prentice, I don’t know what does:

(Traveling + Meeting People) KITTIES = Prentice’s Dream Job

Anyways, they say that a video is optional, but I feel like if you want to go for the gold, you should make a freaking video. I borrowed my mommy’s camera, and I wanted to test it out before shooting.

Coincidentally, I composed a song in Mario Paint for my brother and Kendall last week. It’s from one of our fav shows, Sonny With a Chance. Here is the original song:

To share my masterpiece, The Gift of Prentice, I recorded it (badly) with the camera. It ends up I have to go to Mommy’s house to edit stuff, so I just loaded my Mario Paint song as is:

Pretty awesome, huh? Yeah. I know, but please feel free to tell me in the comments section below. Can I just rant for a moment about Mario Paint Composer? It is lame. I feel like if you’re going to embrace the magic of Mario Paint, you need to hunker down with your SNES, ghetto Nintendo mouse in hand, and deal with the restrictions that the original game has. What fun is it if you can add sharps and flats to the mix, have more than three notes per beat and go beyond 24 bars? Why not use a real music program at that point? I think the videos of music made on composer are cool enough, but I feel the most respected pieces are those made in the original program, where you have to work with limits. I like “making it work,” which is likely why I enjoy budget home improvements and poetry that rhymes or has a specific syllable count. It’s artful problem solving.

Keeping my Catchy Tune Theme, here is a fridge song parody I did a while back:


If there’s something strange in the ice box door,

A sketch whipped-up real quick for me by Miss Joie Brown

Who you gonna call?
If there’s mildew smeared and there’s too much gore,
Who you gonna call?

I ain’t afraid of cheese toast!
I ain’t afraid of rump roast!

If at five fifteen there’s still bread and spread,
Who can you call?
An invisible gal cleaning in your stead,
Oh, who you gonna call?

I ain’t afraid of tacos!
I ain’t afraid. It ain’t gross!

Let me tell you something…
Bustin’ makes me feel good!

Who you gonna call?
If mold has grown, pick up the phone,
And call


Who you gonna call

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  1. joieart says:

    Oh this is just fantastic. JUST. FANTASTIC. ❤

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