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Seven Things to Know About Pursuing Voiceover

This feels surreal to me sometimes, but people come to me for advice about breaking into voiceover. I love helping newcomers because it’s hard to be a noob. I enjoy it so much that I teach Introduction to Voiceover at … Continue reading

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Cat Voice Demos & Poems

Hi, Internet! Today I’ll show my favorite college portfolio poem, but first look what I made: It’s a voice over demo for my cat, Misu! As a kitten, she used to audio-bomb my recordings all the time. She hates doors … Continue reading

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My Ghetto Studio: Needs More Glitter!!!!

Who likes to combine arts and crafts with voice over? You got it! This girl! After having a rough and dry spell with my VO, I started to get whacked-out with poo brain, constantly over-thinking things. Did my techniques get stale? Did … Continue reading

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I’m Pretty Sure My Cat Is Gone…

On top of all the craziness in my life, my Bengal cat, Savannah, is gone. I let her out early one Sunday morning without her collar. It had fallen off and needed to be put back on. She was annoying … Continue reading

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Lolcats be Makin’ Stacks

Hi, All. I had this blog written and ready yesterday, but something went wrong, and my post was lost. Oh well, here’s to Saturday morning blogging! The last remnants of my previous manager emerged this week. Though performance reviews and … Continue reading

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Dramatic Monologue: The Fridge’s Resolution

I feel 2011 is already off to a good start. I won a battle (but not the war) with my most hated task: Inputting time sheets for makeup artists. For the last year and a half or so, I printed the original sheets, … Continue reading

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Mr. Socks

I hope everybody had a super magical and fabulous Christmas. I sure did. This was without a doubt the best Christmas I’ve ever had in my adult life. It was the first white Christmas in Georgia since 1882, and I spent … Continue reading

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Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Today has been a mind-numbing day. It hasn’t been bad, but it just won’t end, and my eyes are all dry from this recycled office air. Nonetheless, I’m getting excited about the holidays. This is the best time of year … Continue reading

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Competitive Overdrive

Psyche!! Have you just been Rickrolled?! No. Even worse… You just got served by the Prentice. But I DO love kitties! I have asked nicely for nearly three weeks for anybody and everybody to help me win a luxuirous day … Continue reading

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