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A Throwback Throw Down: Poetry Month Rap Realness

I’ve decided after much thought that I will include my song parodies and such in my Poetry Month Showcase. Even if they are not traditional, original poems, it does take some poetic prowess to match words to lyrics in a … Continue reading

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This Post is SO SALTY!

Today I don’t want to talk about myself. I don’t want to talk about writing, and I don’t want to talk about VO. All I want to talk about today is a new distraction that has brought my whole household … Continue reading

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Bioshock Infinite: A Rhyming Review

Yes, I know. I didn’t get a poem written yesterday. I started one but didn’t finish it yet. I do have a game review I want to do, so to make-up for yesterday, I will do a rhyming review, some … Continue reading

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My Ghetto Studio: Locked Away in My Padded Room

I promised you that I would share my home studio endeavors, and now it is time to show you the ghetto studio. AKA: My Padded Room. My recording booth is in…a closet, and it’s not just a closet. It was … Continue reading

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Mr. Socks

I hope everybody had a super magical and fabulous Christmas. I sure did. This was without a doubt the best Christmas I’ve ever had in my adult life. It was the first white Christmas in Georgia since 1882, and I spent … Continue reading

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Competitive Overdrive

Psyche!! Have you just been Rickrolled?! No. Even worse… You just got served by the Prentice. But I DO love kitties! I have asked nicely for nearly three weeks for anybody and everybody to help me win a luxuirous day … Continue reading

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The Revenge of Terrence

First off, among all the many things I’m thankful for this year, I am stoked to announce that I have my first legitimate fan that is not my husband or my best friend, somebody completely outside my circle of friends. … Continue reading

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Happy Clean-Out Your Fridge Day!

In celebration of the momentous holiday…the trashiest fridge song I can find in my archives (Ke$ha was the best(?) thing I could come-up with. Lol). Fridge-Frock To Tic-Tok by Ke$ha Leavin’ every Friday, wavin’ to P-Diddles, You grab yo stuff, … Continue reading

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Flows so sick, makes you wanna put yo food-up!

In case you didn’t understand my title, it is a play on one of the lines from my favorite Little Wayne song “Phone Home.” Shame on you for not being as gangsta as me. For shame!   Today, an epic … Continue reading

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