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My birthday was last week, and I have to say a lot was going through my head. I was a bit depressed and doing that “I’m getting older but going nowhere,” spiel. Unemployent, an inconsistent freelance career and getting closer … Continue reading

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Stop the Insanity! Oh wait…I’m done!

Today is a day of absolute bad assery. I finished the final day, day 60, of the Insanity Beach Body program! This has been a great way to lose some receptionist ass and stay focused on something during weird, unemployment … Continue reading

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Pony Vs Pony: A Gaming Obsession of Mine

Hi, All. I was waiting until after my birthday and Easter to write a poem, but inspiration still hasn’t struck. I know in the real world I would have to come-up with something fabulous regardless, but in Prentice’s world, I … Continue reading

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Yesterday was Birthday, Birthday

Yesterday was Birthday, Birthday. Today it is Wednesday, Wednesday, I-I-I 26 now! I 26 now. I gonna have a ball this year! So anyways, my birthday was yesterday. I wasn’t super excited over 26 at first, but then I realized … Continue reading

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10 Things To Know About Being A Receptionist

While sorting the mail, I found the dumbest ad: For 99 bucks, you can learn how to be the best receptionist! I never read beyond the covers because this made my brain hurt, especially after having two admin jobs under my … Continue reading

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Today’s Theme: Catchy Tunes

I’m working on a video to audition to be the Purina Cat Chow correspondent. If that doesn’t reek of Prentice, I don’t know what does: (Traveling + Meeting People) KITTIES = Prentice’s Dream Job Anyways, they say that a video … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday….

So, this week marks the year anniversary of the fridge poem. I wish I cared about this more, but ummm…I kinda don’t. I love my fridge poetry and all but yeah. This was supposed to prove I’m awesome, and though it did, … Continue reading

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