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A Look Back at My College Portfolio: The Form I Was Best At In Class

I am writing copy for my character demo for VO, and I planned on borrowing a poetic piece from myself for a part of the reel. I found it and also read the rest of my college portfolio from Poetry … Continue reading

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Dramatic Mono Log

According to my Receptionist on the Verge archives, I am supposed to do a Dramatic Monologue this week. I love writing these, and I’ve always been good at it. Back in college, I had the best one in my poetry … Continue reading

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New Beginnings and New Found Poem

Before I announce an exciting piece of personal writing news, I want to share a poem I wrote. I loved my poetry class in college. The teacher, my classmates and the workshops all had groovy vibes. My fiction class, however, … Continue reading

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My BFF and personal illustrator, Joie Brown, had a freak, drawing hand incident! Some dumb, drunk chick slammed poor Joie’s fingers in a bathroom door over and over again because the door wouldn’t close. Now her magical fingers are all … Continue reading

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Fridge Reading on a Snow Day

I want to apologize to all eleven of you who read my blog and the 1 or 2 who may have been waiting for Friday’s post. I was traumatized by the fridge this week, and then I got busy; and … Continue reading

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Dramatic Monologue: The Fridge’s Resolution

I feel 2011 is already off to a good start. I won a battle (but not the war) with my most hated task: Inputting time sheets for makeup artists. For the last year and a half or so, I printed the original sheets, … Continue reading

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