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Cat Voice Demos & Poems

Hi, Internet! Today I’ll show my favorite college portfolio poem, but first look what I made: It’s a voice over demo for my cat, Misu! As a kitten, she used to audio-bomb my recordings all the time. She hates doors … Continue reading

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My Ghetto Studio: Needs More Glitter!!!!

Who likes to combine arts and crafts with voice over? You got it! This girl! After having a rough and dry spell with my VO, I started to get whacked-out with poo brain, constantly¬†over-thinking¬†things. Did my techniques get stale? Did … Continue reading

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The Funny Frustrations of Mixed Signals

I’ve done quite a few auditions for voice over work since August, and even though I haven’t booked anything huge yet, I’ve learned from each read and found humor in the direction, feedback and lines given by voice seekers. Direction … Continue reading

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All Kinds of Shenanigans…Hooray for Three Day Weekends!

I hate it when I’m late posting my Friday blog. I would have done it yesterday, but I went blackberry picking and boating with my folks. Sorry, blog. Boat wins. I love riding on the lake. It is so relaxing … Continue reading

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Yesterday was Birthday, Birthday

Yesterday was Birthday, Birthday. Today it is Wednesday, Wednesday, I-I-I 26 now! I 26 now. I gonna have a ball this year! So anyways, my birthday was yesterday. I wasn’t super excited over 26 at first, but then I realized … Continue reading

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