Lolcats be Makin’ Stacks

Hi, All. I had this blog written and ready yesterday, but something went wrong, and my post was lost. Oh well, here’s to Saturday morning blogging!

The last remnants of my previous manager emerged this week. Though performance reviews and subsequent raises were supposed to be completed by March, I never got one. when I asked my new, amazing supervisor about it, she was horrified and looked into the matter immediately. Get this. My old, deranged manager wrote whatever she wanted and submitted all the forms WITHOUT her employees’ signatures! Then the CEO and VP of Finance, not thinking to make sure the forms were complete (Because what dumb ass in his/her right mind would turn-in falsified reviews? Perhaps the same kind who lies about bereavement time to work a new job and abuses every labor law possible?), signed them, thus making it official.

The good thing about this is in addition to the bereavement time caper and making a hot mess of everything before quitting, my old manager also spent as much of her budget as possible. I got 3.5%, which is significantly more than last time, when the she forgot to do my review, lied about it and scrounged-up 1% out of the goodness of her wicked heart.

The bad thing about this is my portion of the review, the behavior objectives and career interests sections I mentioned in January that I was so assertive about, went completely ignored, teaching me some new, twisted life lesson the hard way.

I recycled a beauty blog about Mardi Gras that was not posted in time last year. I kept it, just in case I was still around a year later (groan). Here it is.

This week I did not do a fridge poem. Instead, I tried my hand at photography.

Cleaning the fridge is tough work, so I decided to hire some helpers:












How could I resist after reading their job application?












PS: Tybee the cat wanted me to tell you that the lighting in the photo is totally not doing her cuteness justice, and Savannah wanted me to tell you that her leopard spots are real, not implants.

Shoving my cats in the fridge and taking pictures of them was not as easy as I anticipated. I got two shots before they devoured the treats and scampered-off. It was much harder to get them to fill out that job application and sign it though. Those cats are lazy!

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1 Response to Lolcats be Makin’ Stacks

  1. joieart says:

    It took me a moment to realize that yes– indeed– that was Tybee and Savannah in your fridge! HAH!! And your ex manager sounds like she was a little looney. Reminds me of this dude that worked at my ol’ cubicle job. He was a nutter with rhinestone pants, claimed to be a model, and did everything he could to not actually do his job. I had to explain to him how to use the fax machine 10 separate times. I mean, for realz?! Anyway he got fired for sexual harassment, which was just the icing on the cake!!

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