The Revenge of Terrence

First off, among all the many things I’m thankful for this year, I am stoked to announce that I have my first legitimate fan that is not my husband or my best friend, somebody completely outside my circle of friends. She messaged me on Facebook, mainly to express her concerns about Reception Perception being so easy to find. She likes my Beauty Blog writings and found this blog with the magic of Google. I heeded her warning, and I have now made Reception Perception a friends only site, so if you actually want to read it, you’ll have to be granted access. It’s like Prentice Premium Membership. Lol.

So, as a post Thanksgiving treat, I’m going to post the fridge memo I sent-out on Wednesday. It’s a sequel to last year’s Turkey Day shenanigans. I saved the original “artwork” for Terrence the disgruntled trash turkey (Sweet Jesus! I love evil hand turkeys) and altered it. I made the line art with my hand and a sharpie, scanned it on the fancy printer at work, resized and decorated each new turkey in Microsoft Paint, printed them, cut them out and glued them to Terrence’s portrait with letter adhesive. Voila!  Let me just say that NONE of this *cough* artwork *cough* had anything to do with Joie Brown, my personal illustrator and best homie. I would not want to tarnish the reputation of her miracles on paper and canvas with the crude  monstrosity that is Terrence and his family.

Spawn of Terrence: Thanksgiving just got dangerous

As many of you may remember, I had an altercation with a very mean Turkey in the break room at this time last year. His name is Terrence the Disgruntled Trash Turkey, and he was so terrible and so hateful that rather than “gobble,” like normal happy turkeys, he says “GRRRBLE!” I had never been so petrified in all my life, especially when I had to throw everybody’s forgotten lunches into his temporary home, the trash can.


Well, somehow Terrence found a lady turkey who fancied his evil ways, and the mischievous couple has taken refuge again in our break room garbage until Thanksgiving is over. The plan to not get eaten this year! Even worse, they brought their three deviant children, so the situation this year is even more bleak than last Thanksgiving. I tried to ask them nicely to vacate the premises, but you know how Terrence is. He just chased me halfway across the office screaming “Grrrrble grrble grrrrrrrrbbbbllleee!” I may have to seek therapy to deal with the trauma. He also bit me. I didn’t even know turkeys have teeth!


Anyways, please pick-up your leftovers from the fridge before you head out for a lovely Thanksgiving weekend, or else I will have to confront Terrence and his grossly unpleasant family. I fear my mad skills are no match for the wickedness Terrence his wife and three deranged babies have in store for me. I’ll be fighting the flock of terror at 1:45, so please get your food before then!




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