Yesterday was Birthday, Birthday

Yesterday was Birthday, Birthday.
Today it is Wednesday, Wednesday,
I-I-I 26 now!
I 26 now.
I gonna have a ball this year!

So anyways, my birthday was yesterday. I wasn’t super excited over 26 at first, but then I realized I was projecting my disappointment with 25 on 26. That’s not very nice. I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings, 26. Let’s start fresh and show 25 how it’s done!

In addition to taking a glorious day off, I received some delightful birthday sentiments. My friend Char sang a birthday song in Spanish for me, and I received the following picture from Douggie Fresh:

My Kindred Pokemon + LolCat Reference ÷ Fridge Blog = Best Birthday Card Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fabulous Joie Brown decided to take her writing efforts to the next level from last week’s Renga and wrote me a birthday song. It is supposed to sound like Pinky Pie from My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic. If you haven’t seen this show yet, do so NOW! Pinky Pie is my homegirl!

Joie combined glitter, rhyme, squee and tons of my favorite things to create this magical piece:

Written in the style of Pinkie Pie. Please sing to whatever tune you’d like!

 Birthday Funs!

 Oooo it’s time for a birthday,
it’s time for a birthday–
with balloons and cake
we’ll celebrate!
It’s time for a birthday!

Birthdays are good for friends or foes;
they sweep away your weepy woes!
Say goodbye to that frowny face;
we are gonna pick up the pace! 

Dancing, singing, lots of fun
endless cupcakes until you’re done!
Games and presents maybe some booze,
Ponies, pokemon, what shall you choose?

Oooo it’s time for a birthday,
it’s time for a birthday–
with balloons and cake
we’ll celebrate!
It’s time for a birthday!

Shall we play with zombies and plants?
Or maybe watch some Jem and prance?
Whatever it is, it’ll be outrageous
and the good times will be so contagious!

Oooo it’s time for a birthday,
it’s time for a birthday–
Our Prentice will be
so, SO happy!
It’s time for a birthday!

Happy Birthday to my bestie! ♥

What is to come this Friday, Friday? If I have to leave you anymore hints, you dum-dum-dum…

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1 Response to Yesterday was Birthday, Birthday

  1. Joie says:

    Looks like you had an amazing birthday!!!! 😀

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