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My Bakeneko, Tybanna

My beautiful Bengal Cat, Savannah, is still missing. It’s been over a month now, and my husband and I have pretty much lost hope about getting her back. I still am re-posting and resubmitting lost pet reports though. Our other … Continue reading

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Doing my Thang ’til the Cows Come Home

First off, another moment of silence is in order this week. I have had many shoes die recently. My pumps run down to the nail and make that annoying scratching noise when I walk in them. This week though, my favorite … Continue reading

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Honest Concrete Makeover

First off, I have to gloat because yesterday my blog got 50 VIEWS IN ONE DAY! Huzzah! To celebrate this momentous blog event (and because it needed to be done soon anyways) I gave Receptionist on the Verge a complete … Continue reading

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Attitudes and Strange Dreams

This morning I made a Facebook post about the weird dreams I had last night, and a friend of mine said I should add crazy dreams to the nonsensical musings that are my blog. So be it. Before bed, I … Continue reading

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