Doing my Thang ’til the Cows Come Home

Oh shoes! I hope to repair thee!

First off, another moment of silence is in order this week. I have had many shoes die recently. My pumps run down to the nail and make that annoying scratching noise when I walk in them. This week though, my favorite shoes broke…while I was in them. Falling 7.5 inches in the dark outside is scary, and I want to take a moment to remember my fav shoes:


On top of this shoe tragedy, I’ve been sleeping poorly. One night I had two nightmares about work, one with my old boss and the other with my current one. Can I catch a break? No wonder I woke-up disoriented and unhappy. It’s bad enough to dream of work at all. It’s even worse for your boss to be a part of it, especially two of them! Yikes!

Yesterday was the best holiday of the hear: Cow Appreciation Day. Yes, it beats Christmas. I love the good vibes, creativity, puns and free food that Cow Day has to offer. I rocked out some knee-high socks under my sexy boots. Then I wore one white glove, Michael Jackson style, and some shorts and a tank. I also designed hats for my boys and myself. I made a PDF template, if any of you want to borrow it next year. With the help of my husband and my brother, our herd hit nine Chick-fil-a stores! We also delivered chicken to my brother from another mother, Kendall, since he had to work a double and could not join the stampede.

Here is my Herd, my chicken-hustling entourage, and our bounty of lunches!

Joie’s dog, Rylee, was really sick yesterday. I know something is wrong if Joie is on Facebook chat when I get to work in the morning (She is three hours behind me in San Fran.). I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I combined Cow Day, free chicken, a get well soon sentiment to Rylee the Corgi, and my office fridge memo into one whimsical, wacky, children’s poem (I wrote it fast, but enjoy it anyways):

The Cow, the Chicken and the Corgi

A cow, a chicken and a corgi,
lay in a field one day.
Cow grazed grass,
Chicken pecked the grass,
and Corgi frolicked and played.

A rumbling and a grumbling,
growled in Corgi’s tummy.
Chicken’s growled, too,
and Cow cried “Moo!”
“It’s time for something yummy!”

Chicken sighed “this dirt is gross,”
“I want a BLT.”
Corgi  sniffed,
a scent adrift,
and said “This way! Follow me!”

The hungry, trio sprinted,
Through an office door,
They were unaware,
of the people’s stares,
as the elevator reached their floor.

A very shocked receptionist,
went rigid at the scene.
Cow stampeded,
While Corgi heeded,
and Chicken squawked and preened.

Corgi halted by a fridge,
and jumped atop Cow’s back.
Then Chicken fluttered,
on top of the others.
Cow, Corgi Chicken Stack!

The fridge door they did pry,
and the friends together ate,
Tea, peas, cheddar cheese,
the BLT,
and somebody’s dinner plate!

Cow, Corgi and Chicken,
gorged so much it was obscene,
They chomped and slurped,
and chewed and burped,
and left the fridge shelves clean!

With their tummies full,
and office folk aghast,
Cow, Corgi and Chicken,
decided to quicken,
their getaway, running so fast!

Back onto the field,
the three best friends did lay.
Their adventure was fun,
though it’s rude to eat and run,
so perhaps they will return one day.

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4 Responses to Doing my Thang ’til the Cows Come Home

  1. joieart says:

    Rylee is home from the hospital and resting now. I have to give her all these medicines and special food and stuff for awhile. Poor baby!

  2. Adam Trimble says:

    You guys are the cutest!

    Pool party at my place soon?

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