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Break Room on a Cloud

Not too much has happened since Admin Assistant Appreciation Day. I wrote a bunch of reviews about bareMinerals for my intership at PRIMP, and goodness that brand is confusing! It gave me a headache. I had two blogs published at … Continue reading

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Happy Admin Assistant Appreciation Day!

Happy Admin Assistant Appreciation Day to all my fellow receptionists, admin assistants, secretaries and intern slaves out there! If everybody in your office forgot, at least you got a blogged pat on the back from Miss Prentice! I had a … Continue reading

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What a Week!

I don’t even know where to begin with this week. It was intense, like camping (Get it? Intense…In tents…). First, I had Nancy a drew mystery. Somebody sent me flowers anonymously, with only a message that said “Prentice, A beautiful woman … Continue reading

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