What a Week!

I don’t even know where to begin with this week. It was intense, like camping (Get it? Intense…In tents…). First, I had Nancy a drew mystery. Somebody sent me flowers anonymously, with only a message that said “Prentice, A beautiful woman who is so uplifting. God Bless.”

Aren't they pretty?

One of my coworkers went crazy over this, and she would stop at nothing to find out who dun it. We ended-up with a little Scooby Doo group. She first called the flower shop, pretending to be me. The florist was within ten minutes of the office, and the person came-in before 3:00 and paid for them in cash on Monday. That pretty much killed all my theories. I thought it was a customer or vendor. Then my coworker interrogated every male on the floor. Poor guys. She called the shop again, hoping the guy who took the order would be there. She found out it was a dude named Eric. I realized then it was the super spiritual and friendly security guard from Africa. He thinks I’m cheerful and that I have a wonderful aura about me. He must have sent them as a friendly act of kindness. Awwwwww. That’s nice. The highlight of my week, and it was only Tuesday!

Speaking of flowers, here are the Haiku I promised you last week. I found some of the winter flowers inspiring during this weather. They thrive in the most horrid conditions, adding color to the dreary season. I have problems liking my serious pieces because I’m not a serious person. See what you think:

camellia bud
in spite of frigid winter
blooming in bleakness

courageous pansies
vivid faces beneath snow
breaking through the ice

I wrote a beauty blog this week linking Groundhog Day to upcoming spring fashion. Here it is. My new blog supervisor, the company copywriter, made a few grammatical changes. I can’t decide if this bothers me or not. I decided on no, since the changes were not because I did something wrong. It was just his punctuational preference. Besides, I try to embrace every opportunity to become a better writer and a better person, so even if I get a thin film of annoyance over my pride, I still have to appreciate constructive criticism.

Drama, drama,drama! I have never had a job with so much drama! I hate to go into too much detail, but do you ever have a coworker that for some reason does not get fired? Like, if you acted this way, you’d be out the door weeks ago, but this person somehow gets away with murder? Okay then. I’m glad I’m not alone. I’m also still adjusting to this whole “If you’re even one minute late clocking-in, you’re written-up.” rule my supervisor created. I can run pretty fast in high heels, but c’mon. My ankles will probably break, and then I’ll get fired for being late. Do I get worker’s comp for that? Lol.

Lastly, Wear Red Day was yesterday. It’s this celebration the American Heart Association does to raise awareness that heart disease kills people, in case you didn’t know that eating lard, not exercising and smoking might give you a heart attack. I have collectively had less than a week of legitimately good days at work, and the last Wear Red day was one of them. Well, this year was a bust. There was no party and no decorations. It was kinda like the Christmas Party, lackluster at best. I didn’t even get to eat my free lunch with other people because I was still told to take my early lunch break. I sat in my car for an hour listening to my audio book and playing Angry Birds, which is what I do most days anyways…just with food in my belly.

The Fridge Intruder Song left huge literary shoes to fill, and I knew there was no way I could outdo that this week, so I did a red themed poem for the Wear Red Day thing. Here it is:

Code Red

Today is my shirt is red,
like apples and spaghetti,
and like my lip gloss that will likely fade,

In red I’ll skip ahead,
like a red blur of confetti,
to the break room like a red parade.

The fridge will soon be bled,
of red peppers and red cherries,
of grape tomatoes and of red Kool Aid,

And you’ll be seeing red,
like strawberries and red veggies,
Code red! Your lunch is tossed like a grenade.

I already have next week’s poem planned-out. It came to me out of the blue, and I can’t wait to finish it. Hint: It’s from a musical…♪♫♪♫


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Fantastic Voiceover? How About PRENTASTIC VOICEOVER?!?! I'm Prentice Osborne, a full-time, freelance voiceover talent out of Atlanta. My specialty is Millennial, teen and everything in between, and I work in multiple genres of VO, from e-learning to games to cartoons to radio and TV ads. I love the entire VO process, from pen to paper, mouth to mic, cursor to waveform. It's totally Prentabulous! Need some voice work? Bring it on, World! Freelance Prentice is here to blow your mind with laughs, creative magic, mad skills, and a little bit of razzle dazzle!
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5 Responses to What a Week!

  1. Joie says:

    Ohhhh send it to me early so I can get crackin’ on the illio. I hate that I’ve missed like, the last THREE weeks! :O

    And I enjoyed your haikus. It’s not often that I see your more serious work, but I enjoy it as much as your non-serious. 😀

  2. purrrentice says:

    You’re too sweet. We are each other’s biggest fans and groupies. Lol

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    I’ve joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your excellent post. Also, I’ve shared your site in my social networks!

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