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Beer + Disney Movie = Fridge Song

Late posting again?!?!!? Argh! I’ve been ridiculously busy this weekend. I worked for Honest Tea all day Saturday for a festival in Virginia Highlands. It was fun, but after being in the sun for over nine hours, I was ready … Continue reading

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Happy Admin Assistant Appreciation Day!

Happy Admin Assistant Appreciation Day to all my fellow receptionists, admin assistants, secretaries and intern slaves out there! If everybody in your office forgot, at least you got a blogged pat on the back from Miss Prentice! I had a … Continue reading

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I Feel Like Derpy Hooves Today

I’ve gone from zero to over 9,000 and back to zero in a matter of days. I worked for Honest Tea this weekend for the Sweetwater 420 Fest. I love promotional work, and since I’m so deprived of it, I … Continue reading

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