Milestones and Going on Vacation!

I am so excited! In less than an hour, I will be rid of my receptionist job for a glorious week! I’ll work for Honest Tea tomorrow, and then I’m off on Sunday to DISNEY WORLD with a bunch of MAGICAL FRIENDS*! Even if I get roped into a few box drafts, it’s bound to be an amazing time! To sufficiently warn my coworkers as to why I’m going to disappear and not be around to do their bidding for a week, I used the only means of communication I have that they ever listen to…the fridge poem.

ATTENTION: I’ll be out of town next week. Here’s a hint on where I’m heading…

When You Wish Upon A Fridge

To the Disney song “Wish Upon a Star”

Joie gave me a quickie today...a quick illo!!! What were you thinking?! She drew this in about ten seconds.

When you wish upon a fridge,
you should not worry a smidge,
I’ll clean every shelf and ridge,
without ado.

If you leave your coffee cream,
my revenge will be extreme,
when you wish upon a fridge.

Prentice is Kind.
She brings to the fridge she loves,
the sweet cleanliness of its secret longing.

Like a bolt out of the blue,
I’ll throw out your veggie stew!
When you wish upon a fridge,
bid foods adieu!

I have a few announcements/milestones this week/month, some good and some bad. I’ve finally had over 30 blogs posted with Pur Minerals, which doesn’t seem like much, but we have to remember I do them on top of all the other crap I do there. If I was paid to just write, I could easily write a few a day. Here’s are links to my latest articles about Cat Fashion and Bug Bites.

With my internship, I officially have written over 250 reviews. This is on top of all the crap I do at work and the blogs on top of that. I do a majority of my PRIMP work at work. They are also going to post a blog I wrote sometime soon.

Ugh. At the end of this month, it will two excruciating years that I’ve been a receptionist. I prayed that I wouldn’t be here that long, but despite what economists say, this economy sucks ass, especially for career noobs like me.

Last but most assuredly not least, I auditioned for this upcoming Youtube show, My Little Pony Abridged:

I got in! I’m going to be the voice of Rarity, and I may also play Pinkie Pie (my hero)!


I’ve always wanted to be a voice actress. I have a great sense of voice control and manipulation, so it seems like a great field for me to dabble within. Perhaps I’ll post my next audition that I’m recording tonight.

*Footnote: “Magical Friends” are people my husband hangs out with who play Magic the Gathering. They play Magic, therefore they are Magical. Also, friendship is magic, so they are magical. They are also awesome.

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5 Responses to Milestones and Going on Vacation!

  1. Joie says:


    Also, yep. I drew that in ten seconds flat. 😀 *makes Rainbow Dash face*

    I wish I wasn’t so scared of trying out. I want to voice RD. :\

  2. torysspoon says:

    Congratulations on the voice part! Rarity seems like an awesome Pony! 😀

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  4. The first holiday is the hardest. After that you learn when to go, where to go with good wifi coverage, or whether to arrange someone to cover, or whether it’s ok to take a complete break.
    I like to go to Asia because it’s so cheap there. It’s actually cheaper to live there in a hotel than it is back at home. So if I stay for long enough and rent out my apartment in the UK I actually save money by being on holiday!
    I’ve found the best time to go on vacation for a freelancer is between December and February. Things naturally slow down a bit then.

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