Cream Cheese: Music to my Ears

For once, I don’t feel like talking.I’m usually a chatter box, but this has been a long week that tried my patience and self-esteem. I’m feeling antisocial and loser-like, so meh.

Here is a blog I wrote this week about the history of high heeled shoes.








Click Here to read it!


Anyways,for the fridge song this week I did “Memory” from Cats. I’m exceptionally proud of Joie Brown for this illustration. She had never seen the musical and had no emotional tie or initial inspiration for the piece. She was still determined to do an illo though, so I told her to “Feel the cheese,” and “Be the cheese.” With that sage advice and references from YouTube and Wikipedia, she pulled a glorious vision from the sky and graced the office with yet another delectable piece! Thanks so much, Joie!

I actually followed the song arrangement that Barbra Streisand did, because it is amazing. Listen to it. It’ll give you goosebumps.

♫♪Cream Cheese♪♫

not a sound from the break room,
did you forget your Cream Cheese?
I am smiling alone.
In the fridge light,
the withered crumbs collect at my feet,
and Wheat Thins begin to moan.

Cream Cheese,
all alone in the fridge light,
I can smile at last Monday,
I was edible then.
I remember a time I knew what breakfast time was,
let the Cream Cheese live again.

Every weeknight,
seems to beat a fatalistic warning,
Someone come by.
Take me with you, or I,
will be trash by morning.

Egg whites,
with me would be a delight,
Drive thru breakfast may seem right,
but you mustn’t give in.
When receptionist comes,
I’ll  just be garbage bag goo.
Cream Cheese will be in a bin.

Burnt sprouts, scents of smoky maize,
the stale cold smell of molding,
the fridge lamp dies, another Friday’s over,
4:45 is dawning.

Spread me
on a bagel! It’s easy!
Have a bagel with Cream Cheese,
in the sweet morning sun!
If you eat me,
you’ll understand what happiness is!

The weekend has begun!



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1 Response to Cream Cheese: Music to my Ears

  1. joieart says:

    Ahh that cream cheese. How I felt it!

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