Fridge Senryu: How Video Games Influence Poetry

So, I wrote a few poems in the last week for work. I need to finish some serious writing for myself, but alas. I haven’t the time, so I must settle for such gems as these:

Our Office Complex Had a Pop Top Collection Contest, so I wrote this:

Pop Top and Drop it
(Keep a dance beat in mind)

When you need to bebop,
before you flop and drop,
you head down to the drink machine,
and chug a soda pop.

Before you go and trash it, STOP!
Come see me. You better hop!
Then into my collection box,
chop and lop dat metal top.

Pop top and drop it! What?!
Chop and lop dat metal top,
Pop top and drop it!
For charities that need some props!

Pop top and drop it! What?!
Chop and lop that metal top,
Pop top and drop it! Yeah!
Collect the most! We’ll be up-top!

A lady at work is doing a fundraiser for her kid’s sports team, and our company bought a few coupon books for us to enjoy. The mom asked me to announce and advertize the fundraiser with my typical flair. Like Riley, I put the “Fun” in fundraising.

I don't give. I just pay the cost of doin' business.

After I snagged the free oil change coupon and a bunch of free pizzas from Little Caesars (Thus making this a commissioned gig. Lol), I wrote this little diddy:

The Art of a Good Deal

I don’t know about you,
but I love to save money,
To me, many things are laughing matters,
but waste is soooo not funny!

Through the break room doors,
are magical, coupon books,
with savings for all kinds of things,
for your hunger, entertainment and looks.

Do not steal a whole book, please.
I’ve counted them! There’s three!
We all be needy, but don’t get greedy,
or from Miss Prentice you must flee!

If you want a book all for yourself,
they’re only 20 dollars,
so if you want to buy one,
give  Miss Censored For Blog a holler!

After all this literary gold, I was at a loss for ideas. I didn’t want to do pop culture or a song, and while I was playing Persona 3 on my PS2, I learned what a senryū was, and with the power of Google, I learned enough about it to compose an eloquent fridge poem.

I love video games, among other nerdy things. Persona 3 is a pretty sweet RPG, but Persona 4 is way better. The dungeons in both games can be obnoxious, but Tartarus was the worst, Dude. The characters in Persona 3 are also not as fun and compelling as the ones in Persona 4. All the kids in 3 are so serious, dark and sort of boring, and the ones in 4 have so much personality and life. I also rofl’ed many times in 4. No doubt though, both games are totally worth playing. The fighting system is pretty spectacular, and I love the social link concept. Anyways, now that I’m done with my brief game review, here’s a poem:

Senryū – a short poem, like a Haiku. There are three lines with seventeen syllables in all. Unlike a Haiku, which is centered around nature, a Senryū is often humorous and picks fun at human nature.

Our aesthetic business
of hygiene and beauty
holds a filthy fridge

Persona 4 is teh awesome, and so is this Senryu!!

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2 Responses to Fridge Senryu: How Video Games Influence Poetry

  1. Joie says:

    So elegant and humorous
    in its brevity.
    I love its charm.

  2. purrrentice says:

    My biggest fan
    is also my bestest friend
    I wuv my sweet Joie

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