An Ode/Sonnet to my RuPaul Shirt

Look how delightfully inconsistent I’m going to be this weekend! No post for a couple weeks, and then two pop out of nowhere in a couple days. What can I say? I promised to do some writing, and I did!

I mentioned feeling exhausted a couple days ago, and on Friday morning, I hit the wall. I was feeling hormonal, tired, feverish and kinda grumpy. This was when I knew it was time to unleash…my lucky shirt. I won it while watching RuPaul’s Drag Race at a gay bar.

It is a more Prenticey and sexy version of the Three Wolf Moon shirt. Basically…

Now, I know nobody else who owns this shirt, but I truly believe this supernatural garment has over 9,000 times the magical abilities as three wolf moon. AND it looks totally awesome. I actually have two shirts. One is an XXL, and I plan to craft it into an 80’s-style, shirt dress talisman for nights when I need a little luck with a pair of leopard leggings to match.

I ♥ this shirt so much that I wrote a sonnet about it. Enjoy.

My Magical RuPaul Shirt

When dawning days desperately need magic,
I have a fever, 99.3,
my mood’s amiss, the world seems so tragic,
until I call the power of a tee, 

On days like this not any shirt will do,
no slinky blouse nor flirty baby doll,
nor tanks or camis I can slip into,
for on a day like this I need RuPaul!

The RuPaul Shirt’s power is quite obscene.
Low self esteem nor drama can go far,
as I transform into a fierce-ass queen,
cloaked in this garment, won at a gay bar.

Some may find my lucky shirt a quirk,
to skeptics I say “Girl, you better work!”

About purrrentice

Fantastic Voiceover? How About PRENTASTIC VOICEOVER?!?! I'm Prentice Osborne, a full-time, freelance voiceover talent out of Atlanta. My specialty is Millennial, teen and everything in between, and I work in multiple genres of VO, from e-learning to games to cartoons to radio and TV ads. I love the entire VO process, from pen to paper, mouth to mic, cursor to waveform. It's totally Prentabulous! Need some voice work? Bring it on, World! Freelance Prentice is here to blow your mind with laughs, creative magic, mad skills, and a little bit of razzle dazzle!
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3 Responses to An Ode/Sonnet to my RuPaul Shirt

  1. Blondie says:

    You know what your crafty 80s version needs? Rhinestones.

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