Pride Festival FTW!

Even my toes were dressed for the occasion!

Prentice here, ready to blow your minds with my Gay Pride Festival report! It has been awhile since I attended, but I’m so glad I made it happen this year. You don’t have to be LGBTQ to attend.  There is enough support, happy vibes and love for everybody, even an awkward girl like me who is married but likes boobies and drag shows! That’s really what Pride is all about: loving yourself and others, even if you/they don’t fit into soem stupid, superficial, socialistic mold. I can be flamboyantly myself, while wearing my magical RuPaul shirt and bright colors, and it’s all good! I didn’t feel too short or curvy or weird. I just had fun, and I was supporting gay rights! Woot! Heck, gay people thanked me for attending. Lolz.

Davie Poo and me having a pre-parade drank!

My husband was scheduled out of his availability and had to work, which is hella lame, so my brother-in-law, Davie Poo, graciously took me to see the parade. He lives and works in Atlanta, so he hooked-me-up through some of his friends in the area. His friends had a great spot for the parade, where I got free mar-gay-ritas (I call them that because they were strong…because gay dudes always make strong drinks…which is awesome) and a spot on the sidewalk where even my short ass could see everything!

My husband was able to meet us at the festival. It was fun. We visited a lot of booths and met some cool people. The weather was perfect for all the walking we did, and we had a delicious pizza at Mellow Mushroom for dinner. After that, we were off to the drag show! The show was totally fantastic. Nick found a spot where I was up against the dividing wall for the VIP section, so I could hold on to the wall and climb when some behemoth man decided to stand in front of me. He knew what he had done, and all the jerk did was shrug at me. He clearly didn’t get the memo about me being four feet and ten inches tall. I think his friend got sick or something, because he left early. Yay for me! I also made some cool friends in the VIP area. We held hands. Awwww. I loved getting to see all the queens, including the fabulous Jujubee and all the hotties of the ATL.

Here Are My Top 5 Highlights

#5 – The Frito Lay truck gave out free snacks, which kept David and my buzzes in check

#4 – A gay guy got me a drink, because he thought I was that awesome

#3 – Spending time with family and new friends

#2 -Some chick yelled from her car to me “Yo, Girl In The Blonde, you hot as f*#k!”

#1 – Dancing and singing with the drag show until my pedometer fell off! I swear we heard “Born This Way” by Gaga at least two or three times, but we all didn’t care. It was a blast! The Chicago and Dolly Parton bits were also fandizzle.

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