What This Little Shawty Thinks of Hip Hop Abs

Hip Hop Abs in the Hizzle fo Shizzle!

Hip Hop Abs in the Hizzle fo Shizzle!

I have to say, I am pleased with how I handled my eating and exercise over the holidays, but like many women, I obsess about my body shape, especially since I’m a 4’11”, curvy gal spending way too much time in the acting and modeling industries. Other than my size 5 to 6 feet, my measurements are not ideal. I’m still trying to get back my pre-receptionist body, and I have to keep my diet and exercise interesting. Otherwise, I will epic fail and go from vegan/vegetarian meal planning and working out to pizza, booze and Netflix (and I’m sure  my Facebook friends know after my many rants that Netflix no longer has workout vids). Mixing-up workouts is a big help. As I mentioned after I was laid-off this summer, I adopted the Insanity program and enjoyed it. It got me through a rough patch and helped me get stronger. I love Shaun T so much that I decided to try Hip Hop Abs.

I shall not be hidden in cheese or dance moves! I am too fierce and delicious!

I shall not be hidden in cheese or dance moves! I am too fierce and delicious!

Hip Hop Abs is a workout program that uses the magical power of dance to give you rockin’ abs. Shaun T choreographs exercises that resemble dance moves, and the workout uses cardio and focused, standing ab work. His gimmick is his program is fun and free of crunches and sit-ups. Basically this is the adult equivalent of hiding veggies in mac and cheese or spaghetti, but instead of dousing broccoli in cheese sauce, Shaun T covers up exercise with cheesy dances. Though if I was seeking out some fly-ass dance moves, I would not reference Hip Hop Abs. The routines are pretty lame. Jenna Marble’s moves are way better. Go with that if you’re heading to the club.

Despite the cheesiness, Shaun T’s attitude is upbeat and encouraging, and the videos give a nice variety for your routine. There is a focus on cardio, one on abs, one on lower body, a total body burn and a bonus “Last Minute Abs” quickie to add on to any session (I use that one most to add a little ab work to a lighter workout day).

Get Derpy and Werk!

Get Derpy and Werk!

Is Hip Hop Abs Difficult?
I didn’t find this to be an especially challenging workout, but then again, I’m used to high impact interval training. I do still break a little sweat though. People who want to start working out but are hesitant would enjoy this. It’s lighthearted, effective and fun. Workouts range between 25 and 40 minutes, and I find the less you give a crap about looking like a doofus, the better your workout will be. So,  get derpy and work that core!

What Did I Learn From Hip Hop Abs?
Shaun T has a Tilt, Tuck and Tighten system that totally changed the way I do all my workouts. Suddenly, this light bulb came on, and I carry Tilt, Tuck and Tighten into all my workout sessions. The reason there are no crunches in this series is you engage your core at all times, and I even keep the concept in mind when I’m not exercising. Good Stuff.

Would I Recommend Hip Hop Abs?
Sure! Even though it is not the main ingredient to my workout recipe, I still use it on a day that I want a lower impact workout or am seriously unmotivated. It’s a great hangover workout. You know, those days you have the wonky head but still feel the need to work out? If you hate exercise, just play around with this. It’s a hoot, and it may inspire you to try something else later on.

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