Receptionist Ass, Meet Insanoflex!

Spoiler Alert: This is my formal announcement that I’m back to the occupational drawing board. Yes, I was laid off again. If you’d like to hear the whole story, buy me a beer. Otherwise, let’s move on to something more interesting: The Prentass.

Being a 4’10” tall girl who has subjected herself to the beauty, acting and sales modeling industries, I have body image issues. Add on fifteen pounds from two desk jobs, and it skyrockets to my current state. Now before you start bombarding me with “Prentice, you’re not fat,” “You look great the way you are,” and the ever-so-popular “But Prentice, you’re so little,” I know I’m not fat, but I’m at my highest weight ever; and I wanna be thevery best, like no one ever was. I need to get my groove back, get some confidence, enjoy looking in the mirror again. I need to cleanse myself of the dirty, receptionist inside me, like an exorcism, and I feel the best way for me to let go, move on and return to normal is to finally lose that weight: The Receptionist Ass. After months of regular workouts and such, I’ve had little luck, so…

Receptionist Ass, Meet Insanoflex!

I felt pretty defeated before the Insanoflex, but then I realized Rome wasn’t built in a day; my weight gain was built over three years; and therefore it would either take more time or more effort to lose those pounds. I decided to upgrade my workout routine to the Insanity Beach Body program. I’m on week three, and so far it’s been…well…insane, hence the reference to the Insanoflex. It’s a real-life Insanoflex with hardcore cardio, and it really pushes me. I sweat buckets and look like death on a cracker afterwards. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? I also started a new promo job with Cayrum the same week I started this program (It’s great stuff. You should buy it and drink it and buy some more!), and I can’t wait to see the differences week-to-week in my photos.

So far so good. Look at my buff freakin’ arms!

People have been asking me about the Insanity program, so for those of you who are curious, here are Prentice’s thoughts on the matter:

  • First, you should only consider this program if you love exercise, are masochistic or are super determined and/or disciplined (At least 2 out of 3 would be best).
  • The workouts are very intense. I mean, just the warm-ups are brutal, so if you are seriously overweight or out-of-shape, you may want to start with something easier and build-up to this.
  • Gotta Love Shaun T!!!!

    Shaun T is the man! He is a great instructor in these videos. He’s upbeat and is a great motivator. He isn’t a drill sergeant but still pushes you. I want to get his kids workout video because it looks ridiculously fun!

  • Speaking of fun, Insanity workouts ARE NOT FUN. They are repetitive and painful, but effective. Each different workout has a focus, but you see a lot of the same motions and moves over and over again. Shaun T and the people falling over in the video are the most entertaining parts.
  • Speaking of these videos not being fun, they have a timer at the bottom, which I love. There is an overall timer for the entire workout and mini timers for the current interval. So as you’re trying to push yourself, you can see your progress or countdown until the cooldown!
  • I have not been following the diet plan. I mean, who has the time and money to prepare five small meals a day? Not me. Also, beer is not incorporated into the menu, so screw that. Still, the concepts of the meal plan are very basic, simple and balanced, not some kind of funky fad diet. I’ve just been watching what I eat and trying to keep my alcohol consumption to a reasonable level.

I’m already seeing results. I don’t have a scale at my house and never plan to. Since I’m healthy and not super overweight, I’ve been judging the results by how I look, feel and improve with the fitness test. My upper body has improved the most thus far. Hopefully, the Insanoflex and I will stick-it-out until the end and destroy the last fat cells that are holding my pre-receptionist self hostage.

I have to say, the music in this program is alright (especially the final stretch music that sounds like a Rockymontage), but if I could hear the “I Like Your Booty, But I’m Not Gay” song, I would rock Insanity like an Insanoflex!

♫♪I like yo booty but I’m not gay! ♪♫

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