Les Miser-admins! Happy Admin Assistant Appreciation Day!

Wow. I really dropped the ball this year. Last Admin Appreciation Day, one person at the office remembered. This year, I didn’t even remember. I even went to an office today, and now feel terrible that I didn’t remember to at least say something sweet to the ladies at the front desk. SHAME ON ME! I suppose this holiday has become so pointless to me that I can’t even remember to care that nobody remembered.

Strangely enough, I was planning to write a blog today about Les Miserables (seems a fitting enough crossover to office peasantry). Once again, I got to be arm candy for my friend Angie, and we went with her family to The Fabulous Fox to see this wonderful play. Our seats were so amazing! I’m getting spoiled!

To be honest, I’ve never really seen Les Mis before. I performed songs from it in high school, and I watched a bit of the 1998 film in class…I think. I can’t remember because my movie day memories in orchestra and chorus are mostly filled with the first half of Grease.  I know. It’s terrible.

As soon as I knew Angie was taking me along, I was super excited and searched for the play on Netflix. The only thing I found was this old, black and white film with no music. I’m still glad I watched it because the musical is fast paced, and it was good to already understand the plot.

The musical was amazing! There were so many strong voices, and the set was really cool. There were some great effects with projectors, too. My only qualm is the well-known fact that English is not the best language for operatic performances. I wanted subtitles for a language I speak. I loved the combination of grit, power and beauty in some of the vocals. It made me realize what an awful job my chorus did of the music in high school. We were not actors singing the characters’ grief and love and despair and hope. We were singers trying to sound pretty. At first the harsh tone of some of my favorite tunes took me aback, but I immediately realized it’s supposed to. Goodness, I make a learning experience out of everything now, especially for my voice over and acting skills.

Basically, this performance of Les Miserables was nothing less than stunning and beautiful, and to celebrate/correlate this to poetry, here is the fridge song I did to Castle on a Cloud.

Break room on a cloud!

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  1. I’m glad to hear you always enjoy the Fox-going experience with Angie. You are definitely getting much better use of the ticket than I would.

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