Sushi Cat: Now I’m Thoroughly Entertained AND Hungry!

So, I am a bit of a gamer girl, and as much as I like playing my console and PC games, I have a true appreciation for the simpler games that we are finding online and as apps for out smart phones. When I worked for the makeup company, I played a bit of Farmville and discovered the wonderment that is Nyanicorn (Robot Unicorn Attack  + Nyan Cat = ♥).

Who doesn't love Nyan Cat?!

In addition to my poems and office ramblings, I plan to share with you my new favorite games that you could play anywhere (including your office). I found most of these after being laid-off, and I would face palm and say to myself “Why didn’t I find this sooner!? My receptionist-life would have been so much better!”

Achievement Unlocked: Ate a Ton of Sushi

This week I discovered Sushi Cat, thanks to the Adult Swim FB page.

The protagonist of the game, a blue cat that looks like a ball, falls in love with a little pink cat, and he runs into problems while trying to pursue her. He’s always too small! (I know that feel, bro.) The cat’s solution? Buy a step ladder? No. Give-up? Hell no. Eat sushi until he grows big enough? Bingo!

The mechanics of this game are much like Peggle, a bright and sparkly version of plinko with extra bells and whistles. You drop Sushi Cat at the top of the board and try to get him to eat as much sushi as possible before landing in a cardboard box with bonus points. The more he eats per drop, the bigger he and your bonus gets. If you fill his tummy before you run out of turns, you win!

What I Like About This Game:

  • Sushi Cat is adorable! The animation is cute and simple.
  • I love how the cat bounces like a jelly, rubber ball
  • Once you drop Sushi Cat, you can click to another tab, page or program for necessary cover-up without ruining your game. (Optimal for secret game-play)
  • You can play for two minutes or two days. The commitment per play is minimal.
  • The replay-ability is relatively high
  • It is not a ridiculously hard game, but it’s not too easy either. I did have to play a few levels again because I did not achieve full belly.
  • The phrase “Full Belly Achieved” is hilarious and should be an inspiration to us all!

What I don’t like about this game:

  • It makes me crave sushi. As a matter of fact, I’m craving it now.
  • There isn’t a fourth one out yet.

Click Here to Play Sushi Cat! It’s fun! Try it for yourself, and tell me what you think!


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2 Responses to Sushi Cat: Now I’m Thoroughly Entertained AND Hungry!

  1. You’re right, this game is addicting! I’m not likely to play it often, but I played it all the way through in one sitting and did nothing else. 🙂

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