The Origins of the Fridge Poem

Have you ever felt like there is something inside of you, something amazing that needs to come out?  I have some wonderful inspiration or idea or tangible creation that, when finally found and unleashed, will blow everybody’s minds. The sad part about this is I can’t induce inspiration. Artists can use nature or moods or drugs or brainstorming processes to decide what to create, but true vision, a legitimate exorcism of the creative depths of our minds and souls, our best work, seems to be organic. It’s like trying to find a man. The right one always seems to pop out of nowhere the one day you throw-up your hands and say “Screw it. I’m not going to do my hair or makeup today.”

The silly fridge memos I write for the office are more like a school project than a true expression. I still like them though, and some of them actually inspire me. It’s a healthy exercise nonetheless. The original fridge poem was a result of boredom. For my first five months or so at this job, I did normal e-mails and tried to dilute my personality a little, because I had already received some odd feedback from coworkers. Apparently, I’m not your typical office gal. I started letting myself seep through the fridge memos, making little jokes and adding a little personality to them. Finally, on November 6th, 2009, I wrote this Haiku:

Monday’s leftovers
Uneaten, long forgotten
Tossed at five fifteen

I don’t remember what inspired me to do this, but our CFO liked it a lot. I probably did a haiku because they are easy to write, at least I think so. So, there you go, the birth of the fridge poem.

I recently applied to be a pet blogger. I hope I get a call back. I’m already a crazy cat lady, so I think this could be a great chance to live the dream, writing about kitties! I could do that forever and never get bored.

Also, look what I had to clean-up this lovely Monday morning, along with a load of office dishes:

♪♫ It's Just Another Moldy Monday ♫♪

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6 Responses to The Origins of the Fridge Poem

  1. mrmdmiller says:

    Are you going to be posting your old fridge poems and stuff on here or just the newest ones?

  2. Joie says:

    I’m glad that you revisited your first Fridge Poem. It seems like only yesterday…

    • purrrentice says:

      Only if days have lengthened to eons would it feel like yesterday. Lol. I think I’ll just go down the line until I run out of old poems…which could take quite a while.

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