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VO To-Go: Prentice is Now a Traveling Act

This time a week ago, Nick and I were coming home from a family vacation to St. Augustine, Florida, and a little getaway for our seventh wedding anniversary. I didn’t want to miss out on a week of work, so for … Continue reading

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Celebrating My Unconventional American Dream

Today marks a pretty big milestone for me. For the first time in over a decade, I will only have ONE JOB. That’s right. I have officially retired from promotional and demo work and am focusing solely on my voiceover…and … Continue reading

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Heeeeeeeey, Voxy La-day!

I know I’m a little late in posting this, but I’m still excited…so it’s still relevant! My Memorial Day weekend was pretty rad. I went to the Ghibli film festival and watched My Neighbor Totoro, and then I got to … Continue reading

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Fry Aye Aye!

Today, I want to talk about fry…and I don’t mean the delicious, fried potato kind. I’m talking about vocal fry. Glottalization, or a glottal scrape,  is a creaky sound people sometimes make, usually at the end of phrases. It occurs when … Continue reading

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Kickin’ Off 2015 With a MakeVOver

I want to update this blog more in 2015. Like, that’s gonna be my resolution, Y’all: At least one post a month, and I get bonus points for more! I sure did wait until the last minute to start this, … Continue reading

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Voiceover & Promotions: Best Friends Forever!

From pen to paper, mouth to mic and cursor to waveform, I have a crazy passion for voiceover. But like most creative fields, it can be hard to find full-time work, especially early on, so a day job is a … Continue reading

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